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Oneself is really a good luck, pick up to one to live a treasure.
If he knows leaf for autumn the viewpoint in the heart, will definitely depressedly throw up blood.
Because before him, the spider of violet squad met with the temporary captain of fifth troops is greedy for wolf, don't unexpectedly and never once walk ten rounds then fiasco.This is to open a match use most shortly to definitely, violet squad facial big Sun.\Is the autumn of the leaf tormenting how to save the face of the violet squad and the morale of the member of team on his body.
"Give advice or comments."The autumn of the leaf embraces a boxing to say.
"Come."The eagle in the mind disdains to very much to this opponent, but doesn't dare to have the slightest the gist.Stretched hand to do invitation signal, signal hint the other party to offend first.The speed isn't his strong point, defending the backstroke is his to win victory a secret.
The autumn of the leaf also Don't mention it, the list hand clenches fist.Then be like a burst of fresh breeze rush at eagle.
"The speed is quite good.Regrettable-----"The eagle stands at first an on every occasion, at leaf autumn ground fist shot to his chin, a grasp past."The strength is too weak."
Leaf autumn of quick moving want to fall into eagle that big hand of inside, suddenly a breach physics principle of at first and urgently stop.
Running with drive similar, want a brake, make it a point to decelerate first.If urgently stop while mading good time, can not necessarily immediately give° the car Cha to die as well.But leaf the just eager son that hurtle still before autumn, but have no omen of stopped down.This recruits, can not only only look so in brief.Watch on the scene of is all superior.Know naturally this difficulty that recruits.
Eagle just at astounded he is how attain in the speed don't reduce a ground of circumstance under suddenly brake, descend a burst of acute pain of body to spread.
Then, the facial expression becomes the eagle of sauce purple color to then and slowly kneel to pour at ground up.
First war.Second kills!
Whole field Hua however!
Just and the temporary captain of fifth troops at ten recruit inside solve the top-grade superior of violet squad, have already made their heart feeling surprised to fear to and worried.Because only the real strenght differs biggest, two people basically aren't the opponents of a file time, just can will at so quickly time inside end combat.
But leaf autumn of to definitely the speed is faster.Again break a record.
Two recruit.Accurately say is a recruit.
The first's recruiting is to falsely recruit, just for drawing the attention of eagle.On the leg of a recruit be kill to recruit, but eagle this is to underestimate enemy first, then again suddenly drive leaf the autumn use to ground, gorgeous move draws on, wait until to feel private parts ache.Unfortunately already late, his body has already lost to fight ability.
Yesterday leaf autumn while shaking hands with eagle, feel the strength that he is deep to have no.If opponent like this and if he is hard to put together, he always needs to be expended some kind of horary.Because what he practice is the gold clock cover steel cloth Shan is a type of hard effort, could not shoot vital part ground words, beat on his flesh don't sew is scratch an itch Yang for him.
This superior's body needs to specially guard against a few vital parts part, double eye, ear, Adam apple and armpit and across bottom, the leaf showed an enemy autumn yesterday with weak.Would be don't want to make him have to guard against of heart.So a shot that just has today necessarily kills, simply and neat solution opponent.
Greet his just isn't an applause warmly, but despise a ground of taste.
"That guy is who?There is basically no some superior's manner, recruits mean-
"Yi.That man good Wo Cuo.Unexpectedly kick a somebody else there-----"
"That presumably doomed and won legendary unique son unique Sun Jiao-----"
At table ground 5 people of review committee's judging a set is in every aspect and mutually also a Qu.In the process of formally competing, someone once uses this kind of mean recruit type.But no one will recruit and then use this kind of recruit type in the first.After all, this is to learn by exchanging views general assembly.Everybody wants to depend on oneself to be a ground of the reality just can go and fight force with force with opponent of beat 1.
Is very obvious, this guy harbored evil designs in the beginning.The reaction ability of the opponent and ownly change to recruit to calculate into.
However, the soldier's style is just simple and direct to turn the problem.Education that they are subjected to is to solve opponent in the fastest effective way, use what recruit type pour is at secondly.
And, the big match regulation there is no in system to recruit mean cancel game result, this item.

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