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"This is exactly also what I want to say.Want to be not, you hand over to other people the work judging, your representative does the fifth troops take part in a game?After all, if the words of your nonappearance, even if I get hold of a champion to also have no meaning."Leaf the autumn Song shrug Bang.Use the company measures of tone and Yan pleasant breeze say.
Yan pleasant breeze is of distemper, this kind of matter which can say to push and then push?The soldier has no joke, if oneself really shines on a leaf to say so to do for autumn, afraid is a later prospect to is this to over.
"Stop worrying.Although I can't the end accept,my brotherses can't let what you disappoint."
"Hope so."
The old enemy of two lives is face to face but stands, the smiling face is brilliant such as the all over hills and countryside bloom in Marchary of unknown floret.
Lin Cang Lan's look in the eyes sweeps to come over and sees a leaf for autumn and the appearance of Yan pleasant breeze, the eyebrows is lightly wrinkly, as if deep in thought.
Wait until violet squad ground the member leave behind.The Yan pleasant breeze arrives at member of team's in front of fifth troops, looking at the captain that he appoints at the time to is greedy for wolf and smiles to ask a way:"You feel he how?"
"Do not know."Be greedy for wolf to shake head.
"What mean?"The Yan pleasant breeze wrinkled up eyebrows.Being greedy for the wolf is that his picking out can not complete the man of task to carrying out he, if he has no confidence, own task also indicates failure.
"I can not tell his ground depth.But feel-----He is very strong."Be greedy for wolf to know naturally his/her own captain in a bad humor of reason, but still keep practical and realistically answering a way.
"Have confidence?"
"Have no the fifth troops can not complete of task."Be greedy for wolf to sink a voice to say.
"It is very good.Carry on according to the original plan."The Yan pleasant breeze claps to be greedy for wolf ground shoulder.The time once turned round, the dark on the face has already disappeared to disappear, is again that one face is warm to warmly smile an idea.
The female staff member of some bases sees his smiling face, in the mind Luo the Mao is a , then the private parts is getting wetter.
Hold the purpose of this big match for raising China country special forces ground military force.Absorb experience of the other party in the game, common raise.So, this big match adopts of single field game system, the whole big match only has a match field, a definitely victory or defeat after, then immediately start the next game.
The advantage that does like this BE, if not that just being two member of team at the game ground, otherly person all can aside the view watch and draw to take.
The first game parachutes a having a competition of female member of team of soldier's squad and strong breeze squad.In this ground of situation.The woman occupies absolute advantage.In addition to parachute a soldier squad ground he or she person, other squads all encourage for the female member of team of strong breeze squad.
The factor of the external world are a veteran warrior to these, regardless is body and wills all very and violent elite warrior to have no influence.And parachute the member of team of soldier's squad to can't particularly show leniency because the opponent is a women, either.2 people suddenly on exchanging blows, then each one extremely recruits.
2 people get entangled in fighting together, the man greatly opens greatly whole.Recruits malicious hot direct.But the woman is then nimble vivid, woman naturally of the bad situation make them can not fight force with force with man.But in judging the hour and sizing up the situation, but they win one Chou more.While persistently avoiding being seen.Can always find out the best opportune moment to come to a hopeless situation to counter-attack.
Original everyone isn't optimistic about the member of team of strong breeze squad, but at 2 people intensive fighting around ten minuteses of time, the female member of team who have been avoiding being seen suddenly don't back anti- enter, an enter to keep capturing quickly, after buttonning up the man's wrist, a knee of fieriness bumps then a crest to male the member of team's belly.
First bureau, the strong breeze squad wins.The squad initiative that this first-time war then becomes famous overnight obtains penny.
The autumn of the leaf is what Group 5 takes place, his opponent eagle has already stood to wait him at on the stage Gao.The sneer of one face while seeing a leaf slowly and longly come forward for autumn, looking at a leaf for autumn be like looking at a dead person.

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